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About AWSL

AWSL is a full service supply chain logistics company, providing warehousing, handling (mechanised & manual) & transportation (primary & secondary) services.

AWSL is a third party logistics services provider and three decades of immaculate processes and planning have allowed the company to scale up its unmatched infrastructure to handle materials from several industry segments to an annual handling capacity of 40 lakh tons.

AWSL Group leverages its Sophisticated Infrastructure, Skilled Resources and Contemporary Management Practices it has developed over the years.

The Group's tremendous growth over the time, especially during the last decade, and professional conduct has made it the Warehousing Expert of Choice. The professionalism lies in dependable logistic support for moving, storing and distributing.

The Group follows Scientific Storage Processes, Modern Inventory and Distribution Management principles and techniques. Immaculate Accounting System backed by Latest State of the Art IT tools, SuperbInfrastructure and Well-Trained Staff are its assets. In addition, the group has forged alliances with Transport Majors to undertake any kind and volume of distribution through a large fleet.

AWSL also offers ‘Complete Package System’ [CPS] wherein it handles the entire operations from ship anchoring to the factory sight and further down to the level of retail outlets (including remote locations). Proper scientific storage goes hand in hand with the stocks management with customized services,by closely understanding specific needs like grading, dunnage, stacking and preservation.The Group is working veryclosely with each of its customer to tailor the complete package service to their specific needs.

Reputed manufacturers, marketers and wholesalers are making use of the Group’s Convenient; Cost–effective, Reliable and Prompt Services. The group holds forte in providing round the clock support services to customers from varied fields.

Currently focused on the operations in Southern and Eastern States, the group envisages to expand its services in North and West India over the next few years. AWSL’s efficient network spans the entire state of Andhra Pradesh and several major commercial centers in the States of Tamil Nadu,Karnataka, Orissa and Uttar Pradesh.

AWSL continue to expand in South India, stretching into the rapidly developing markets of North India.

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